Multiplier Drops Promo

Welcome to our in-depth exploration of the Multiplier Drops promotion, brought to you by This sweepstakes casino is at the forefront of innovation, establishing itself as one of the first social gaming platforms to both accept and offer payouts in cryptocurrencies. As a hub of entertainment, offers a rich gaming environment, coupled with generous promotions. Our detailed casino review delves into the platform’s unique features, but today, our focus is on the exciting Multiplier Drops promotion. Join us as we uncover the details of this enticing offer.

What are Multiplier Drops?

Multiplier Drops is a captivating promotion offered by, running on a weekly cycle. As a source of unbiased reviews, we’re thrilled to shed light on this exciting opportunity that combines the thrill of playing some of the platform’s popular slot games with the chance of winning a lucrative 100 Stake Cash prize.

Prize Structure

The Multiplier Drops promotion boasts an impressive weekly prize pool. Every week, 5,000 Stake Cash is up for grabs, shared amongst 50 lucky winners. Each of these fortunate individuals walks away with 100 Stake Cash, a considerable win that adds an extra layer of excitement to their gaming experience.

Participation Guidelines

The participation process for this promotion has been designed to be as straightforward as possible, providing an easy gateway for players to join the fun:

  • Engage with one of the selected slot games chosen for the week.
  • Try to hit a multiplier of 100x or more.
  • Secure your spot in the draw, where 50 weekly prizes are up for grabs.

Weekly Game Rotation

One standout feature of the Multiplier Drops promotion is the rotating selection of games. Each week, curates a list of four slot games for participants to enjoy. This approach keeps the promotion fresh, offering varying challenges and experiences to players. For instance, a week’s selection might include games like:

  • Madame Mystique Megaways Enhanced RTP
  • Toshi Video Club
  • Goblins & Gemstones
  • Ryse of the Mighty God

Remember, these games change weekly, so there’s always something new to look forward to!

Terms and Conditions

Before diving into the excitement, players should be aware of some crucial terms and conditions that govern the Multiplier Drops promotion:

  • The minimum eligible stake per game is 0.10 Stake Cash.
  • Bets placed using Gold Coins do not qualify for this promotion.
  • To be eligible for the draw, players need to achieve a 100x or higher multiplier on just one of the games, not all of them.
  • Winners are selected at random each week, meaning hitting a 100x or better multiplier multiple times or on multiple games does not increase winning chances.
  • Prize payout may take up to 72 hours, so winners are requested to be patient.
  • Feature spins qualify for this promotion, as long as the game ID displays a 100x or better multiplier.

A Simple Strategy

Attaining a 100x multiplier can often seem like a reasonable target, especially when you consider that players can begin with a stake as low as 0.10 Stake Cash (SC). However, the unpredictability of gaming can sometimes lead to stagnant phases where it appears progress is halted.

Given this reality, a useful strategy might be to break your gaming into smaller sessions, spread out across the different games that qualify for the Multiplier Drops promotion. By varying your gameplay in this way, you not only expose yourself to a variety of gaming experiences, but you may also increase your chances of hitting that coveted 100x multiplier.

Think of the Multiplier Drops promotion as a bonus opportunity or in gaming terminology, a “side quest“. It is an extra feature to your regular gaming activities, with the potential to bring additional benefits. However, it’s crucial to remember that its impact on your overall gaming experience may vary. It could result in a significant win, or it might just add a little extra excitement to your gameplay. Either way, it’s an added adventure in your gaming journey at Always remember to enjoy the journey and play responsibly.


In our view, the Multiplier Drops promotion offers a refreshing spin on weekly gaming rewards. Its rotating game selection ensures diverse entertainment, while the straightforward conditions and generous rewards make it a tempting offer for slot game enthusiasts. Remember, if you miss out on one week, the promotion renews every seven days with a fresh set of games. So, there’s always a new chance to spin and win!