Golden Hearts Casino: Games, Review and Promo Code


Golden Hearts Games is a unique casino experience based in Boston, Massachusetts, that not only offers players the thrill of winning real money and digital gift cards but also the opportunity to support their favorite charities. This innovative platform features an extensive array of games, from live-action multi-player bingo to instant-win online scratchcard games, allowing players to earn Redeemable Coins while enjoying their favorite casino pastimes. Let’s dive into Golden Hearts Games and explore how this socially-conscious casino venture has made an impact since its launch in August 2020.

Quick Info

✍️Casino Name
Golden Hearts Games
Golden Hearts Games Inc.
💳Payment Methods
GPay, ApplePay, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover
💵Redeem Methods
Paypal, Gift Cards, Direct Deposit, Paper Check
⏱️Redeem Times
3-4 Days
🎰Game Types
Slots, Arcade, Blackjack, Video Poker, Scratch Offs
Slots™ Lost Treasure Slots™, Old School™, ScratchGame™
📱Compitable Devices
iOs, Android, Windows, Mac
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Pros & Cons



✅ Plenty of No Deposit Bonuses
❌ Short List of Games
✅ Daily Free Coins
❌ Same Max Win Across Games
✅ 24/7 Live Chat Support
✅ Help People as You Play
✅ Bingo Games Evey 10 Minutes

Golden Hearts Games: Casino Review

In this comprehensive Golden Hearts Casino review, we will guide you through various aspects of the platform, giving you an in-depth look into what makes this unique sweepstakes gaming experience stand out. We will explore the exciting bonuses and promotions, assess the legitimacy of the platform, and delve into the charitable causes supported by the casino.

Additionally, we’ll provide an overview of the game selection, highlighting the most popular games to play, purchase offers, and the exceptional customer support services offered by Golden Hearts Games Inc. By the end of this review, you will have a thorough understanding of the platform and its dedication to blending entertainment with philanthropy.

If you like to know the overall rating we gave to the casino and feel like you want to avoid reading the full review, be our guest as we rewarded this casino with rating 3.9/5.

golden hearts games casino landing page

Golden Hearts Games – Landing Page

Bonuses & Promo Codes

As a sweepstakes casino, Golden Hearts is committed to providing a free way for players to play their casino-style games and still be eligible to win real money prizes. Read on, as this section will explain every available bonus at the promotional real-cash gaming platform. So, let’s get those free GHCs!

Daily Bonus Wheel

The daily bonus provided by Golden Hearts Casino features a simple wheel game with 18 segments. Each segment rewards you with Golden Hearts Coins, varying based on the specific sector you land on. With prizes ranging from 50 GHC to 2,500 GHC ($5), this daily bonus wheel stands out as the most generous among sweepstakes casinos, especially if you are lucky.

golden hearts games daily bonus wheel

Daily Bonus Wheel

Purchase Promos

Currently, Golden Hears is running a limited promotion for their purchasable con packages. Now, you can get 100% more coins when buying a package. Refer to the list below for prices and actual promotions.

  • Package 1: For $10, you get 10,000 GHC instead of 5,000.
  • Package 2: For $25, you get 25,500 GHC instead of 12,750.
  • Package 3: For $50, you get 52,000 GHC instead of 26,000.
  • Package 3: For $100, you get 108,000 GHC instead of 54,000.

Refer a Friend

This promo is particularly good for social players; however, this offer could be great even if it’s just for your bestie! Each friend you bring to the platform will credit your account with 5,000 GHC or $10, only once after their first donation. You can find your unique referral link on the sidebar menu.

golden hearts golden pack promos

Limited Gold Coin Offers

Golden Hearts Promo Code

No purchase or donation is needed to enter, and doing so won’t improve your chances of winning. From October 29, 2022, there’s a limit of one redemption code per person per day. To request a code, write your details on a 3×5 inch card, place it in a self-addressed stamped envelope, and send it to Golden Hearts Games.

They’ll mail you back a 12-digit code for 5,000 complimentary coins. Each card and envelope must be handwritten and mailed separately. No copied or mechanically reproduced cards, envelopes, or printed materials are allowed. If you already have a redemption code, click the ‘REDEEM‘ button.

refer a friend program by golden hearts games casino

Golden Hearts – Refer a Friend Program

How Does Golden Hearts Gaming Works?

Golden Hearts Games is a promotional platform that supports charities while allowing players to win real cash prizes and digital gift cards. In this section, we’ll break down how Golden Hearts Games works, from account creation to gameplay and redeeming prizes.

Getting Started

To begin, players need to create an account with their name, zip code, email address, and password or use Facebook Login. Additionally, a mobile phone number is required for a one-time account activation via a confirmation code sent through text message.

Charity Selection and Donation

Players choose a favorite charity (local or national) and select a donation amount, starting at $10. Donations award players with Coins, which can be used to enter various games. Alternatively, players can participate without purchasing through the Alternative Method of Entry (AMOE) program, which provides a mail-in option to request complimentary Coins.

What are Golden Hearts Coins?

With Coins in their account, players can access numerous games, including bingo, blackjack, slot machines, video poker, and instant win scratcher games. Entry fees for these games are paid using Coins.

Winning and Redeeming Prizes

When a player wins, the prize is credited to their account as redeemable Coins. Players with at least 2,500 redeemable Coins can exchange them for cash prizes via PayPal or digital gift cards from Prizeout. Other payout options include ACH direct deposit to a bank account or paper check in the mail, but these methods have minimum exchange amounts.

Who Can Use the Platform?

As a sweepstakes casino, Golden Hearts Gaming offers greater flexibility and accessibility compared to traditional gaming sites, which are often restricted in many regions across the United States. This allows players in most states to enjoy their games without legal constraints.

Golden Hearts Games is open to any U.S. resident who is at least 18 years of age. However, players from Alabama and Nebraska must be 19 years of age or older, while players from Mississippi and Puerto Rico must be 21 years of age or older to participate and win.

Game Selection

Golden Hearts boasts a modest yet distinctive collection of 16 games in its game library, setting it apart from other promotional sweepstakes casinos.

Although you won’t find offerings from popular software developers like Pragmatic Play, Relax Gaming, and Microgaming, which are typically featured on sweepstakes casinos such as or, Golden Hearts compensates for this by providing exclusive in-house games that cannot be found anywhere else.
In this section, we will delve deeper into the unique Golden Hearts Gaming selection to showcase the distinct gaming experiences it provides.

golden games hearts games

Golden Hearts – Game Lobby


This is the only Bingo game available at Golden Hearts Gaming.

Nevertheless, it’s one of the most popular games on the website. Scoring “Bingo” can earn you 5,000 Golden Hearts Coins (GHC). To participate, users can choose from four options:

  • 8 cards: 120 GHC
  • 16 cards: 240 GHC
  • 32 cards: 480 GHC
  • 100 cards: 1500 GHC.

Please note that to participate and purchase tickets using your existing coins, you must wait until the remaining time on the counter is less than 1:30 minutes.

A new bingo game starts every 10 minutes, seven days a week, ensuring non-stop fun!

Golden Hearts Bingo

Golden Hearts Games Bingo

Golden Hearts Bingo

Card Games

The promotional sweepstakes casino offers two games for fans of the classic card titles “Blackjack” and “Jacks or Better”:

  • Old School Blackjack: In this game, entry fee levels range from 50 GHC to 5,000 GHC. The game features insurance, paying 50% of your bet, while having blackjack(21) paying 5x your bet. Any win will award you 1.7x your bet, meaning if you bet 100 GHC, you will receive 170 GHC. It is a good, fast-paced old school blackjack experience.
  • Old School Jacks or Better: To play this classic poker, choose your bet, and press the button “deal”. Above the five cards on the screen, you can see the possible rewards and their names, from “Jacks or Better” to “Royal Flush”. When playing on a maximum bet, 5,000 GHC or $10, the maximum win is 1,250,000 GHC or $2,500 when redeemed.
Jack or Better video poker

Jacks or Better – Video Poker


Golden Hearts Casino currently features nine slot games in its collection. Seven out of 9 slots feature massive jackpots going up to 625,000 GHC. While the games have diverse layouts and themes, they all share a maximum win potential similar to card games, with the possibility of winning up to $2,500 on a maximum bet.

High-roller players may find this somewhat limiting, but it’s definitely sufficient for casual gamers.

Based on our experience, Golden Hearts will likely expand its slot offerings over time.

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that this gaming platform is unique in its strong focus on charity, setting it apart from typical promotional sweepstakes casinos.

This characteristic makes it a particularly appealing choice for players who value a sense of purpose while enjoying their gaming experience.

cash of the titans slots

Cash of the Titans

Most Popular Slots to Try at Golden Hearts Gaming

  1. Cash of Titans: With an ancient Greek theme, Cash of Titans features a 3×5 layout and a jackpot. The symbols depict ancient Greek creatures such as minotaurs, cyclopes, chimeras, and gods like Zeus, Hades, and Aphrodite. The scatter symbols are represented by Pandora’s box. The game has 12 paylines, but we couldn’t find the RTP for this slot. Additionally, the game features a symbol that doubles the wins if it’s on a winning payline.
  2. Old School Slots: This classic 3×3 slot features well-known fruit symbols, bars, 7s, etc. The game has five paylines, including three horizontal and two diagonal. The maximum win potential for this game on a minimum bet is 12,500 GHC. To win, players need three matching symbols in either a horizontal or diagonal line. This game doesn’t offer additional jackpots. 
  3. Lucky Stars: This cosmos-themed 3×5 slot offers astrological-themed symbols, featuring all 12 zodiac signs. Bonus rounds are triggered by landing three moon symbols. While the game doesn’t offer a jackpot, it provides a 2x multiplier for an additional edge and bigger wins. The betting levels in Lucky Stars are pretty standard, consistent with the other games in Golden Hearts’ game library.

Scratch Cards

As mentioned earlier, the game library of this charity-focused promotional casino caters to various player preferences. Golden Hearts is an ideal choice for those who enjoy online scratch-off cards.

The casino offers three scratchcard games that resemble the tickets you would find at your local retailer. The gameplay and rules are consistent across all three titles, with differences only in the graphics.

The maximum wins for these scratch cards range from 12,500 GHC up to a substantial 1,250,000 GHC, providing an exciting opportunity for players.

Device Support

During my time exploring Golden Hearts Gaming, I found the platform to be engaging and user-friendly. As an Android user, I was pleasantly surprised by the smooth gameplay on my smartphone using the Chrome browser. The variety of games available kept me entertained for hours, and I particularly enjoyed the fast-paced bingo games.

It was also fulfilling to know that my participation was supporting my chosen charity, adding a sense of purpose to my gaming experience. The convenience of redeeming prizes through PayPal made it even more enjoyable. Golden Hearts Games provided a fun and gratifying experience that seamlessly combined entertainment and philanthropy.

online scratch offs - golden hearts

Scratch Classic – Golden Hearts 

Payments, Limits, and Times

This section will explore the various payment and redemption options available at Golden Hearts Casino. As a sweepstakes casino, they offer purchasable packages that include coins you can use to play their exciting casino-style games. Keep in mind, though, that purchases and donations are not mandatory.

  • Payment Options: Golden Hearts Casino accepts various payment methods, including GPay, ApplePay, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.
    Redemption Options: When redeeming your winnings, you have several options to choose from – PayPal, Bank Transfer, Check, and Gift Card.
  • Redemption Times: Golden Hearts Casino processes requests during regular business hours (Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm E.T.), excluding holidays. While PayPal and Prizeout are recommended for prize redemptions, direct deposits and paper checks are also available with some limitations. PayPal and Prizeout requests typically take 2 business days to process, while bank ACH payments take around 5 business days. Paper checks and standard postal delivery times may take up to 10 business days to process and are mailed out every other Monday.
  • Limits: No limit exists to the total amount a player may win across all games. However, the maximum prize for single gameplay is 1,250,000 Redeemable Coins, the highest amount a player can win by playing any game just once.
Payment options

Donation and Payment Options


Golden Hearts Casino provides various support options to help you resolve any issues you may face while using the platform. Let’s explore the methods available to assist you.

FAQ Articles

The Sweepstakes Casino features a comprehensive FAQ page, accessible by clicking on the “Frequently Asked Questions” link in the website footer.

This page contains helpful articles covering various topics such as General Information, Account Management, Charity, and Payments. If you can’t find the information you need, you can always opt for the live chat option for further assistance.

golden hearts casino live chat

Live Chat – Golden Hearts Casino

Live Chat

To access Golden Hearts Gaming’s live chat option, click the “Contact Support” link in the footer under the FAQ section. This will take you to a dedicated support page, where you can find a yellow “Help” button in the bottom right corner.

Clicking it will open a chat prompt with a bot assistant. Simply ask for live support, and the bot will enable a “Get in touch” button to connect you with a live agent.

In our test of the support, we asked questions that were already answered on the FAQ page. The support staff responded quickly, provided the relevant FAQ link, and were polite and competent in their assistance.

Golden Hearts Games - Navigation

Burger Menu and Footer

Design & Navigation

As a charity-focused casino, Golden Hearts maintains a modest website design that emphasizes a calming blue color scheme. The site features a simple side menu, making it easy for users to donate or play for free.

The registration process is straightforward, just remember that you need to verify your account before redeeming any prizes. Important information links are located in the footer, requiring a few scrolls down the page to access detailed information about the casino.

Bottom Line

In this Golden Hearts Casino review, we’ve looked into the most essential and engaging aspects of the platform. We’ve clarified who can play at the casino, the free no-deposit bonuses, and the best purchase offers. Keep in mind that this casino supports legitimate U.S.-based charity organizations, so while you’re enjoying the games, you’re also helping real people in need!

We’ve given the casino a 3.9 score out of 5, which is quite commendable. However, there are areas for improvement, such as increasing the number of games by incorporating more well-known game providers for a better gaming experience, and adding more variety in betting levels and maximum wins in games. Despite these minor drawbacks, Golden Hearts Casino offers an excellent real-money sweepstakes-style experience for its players.

Golden Hearts

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