Sweepsz.com – Editorial Guidelines

Sweepsz.com is a platform dedicated to providing honest sweepstakes and social casino reviews, guides, news, and demo casino-style games to its users. By maintaining a strong focus on delivering informative and accurate content, we strive to create a valuable and trustworthy experience for our audience, helping them navigate the ever-growing world of online sweepstakes and social casinos.

Commitment to Accuracy and Ethics

Our team is devoted to upholding the principles of ethical journalism and ensuring the accuracy of our content creation. We believe that maintaining a strong sense of integrity and responsibility is essential to fostering trust between Sweepsz and our users.

Content Quality and Accuracy

Content Creation

Our team generates content based on comprehensive testing and firsthand experience with the specific casino, game, or sweepstakes platform being reviewed. This approach allows us to provide accurate and insightful evaluations of each platform’s features and performance.


To ensure the reliability of our content, we corroborate factual information with the source and frequently update our content in case of changes. This meticulous verification process helps us maintain the highest standards of accuracy.

Regular Updates and Reviews

Our commitment to keeping our content fresh and relevant is reflected in our ongoing review process. We assess and update our content when it becomes outdated, when there are changes in the subject matter, or when additional valuable content can be incorporated, ensuring that users always have access to the latest information.

Editorial Team

Background and Experience

Our team is composed of individuals with diverse skills, including journalism, game design, and specialized casino expertise. This blend of backgrounds and experiences enables us to provide well-rounded and in-depth content on a variety of casino-related topics.


Our writers include online casino specialists who have extensive experience in the industry and those possessing in-depth knowledge of casino games. This expertise ensures that our content is both informative and engaging for our audience.

Sources of Information

Primary Sources

We utilize a variety of primary sources for information gathering, depending on the topic. Examples include official websites, online casino websites for reviews, and authoritative websites within the industry. By drawing on multiple sources, we ensure that our content is well-researched and accurate.

Content Review and Updates

Frequency of Updates

We prioritize keeping our content current and informative. Content updates and reviews are conducted based on the necessity for changes or additional information, ensuring that our users always have access to up-to-date information.

Triggers for Content Review

We proactively monitor our content for potential updates. Content may be reviewed if it becomes outdated, if there are changes in the subject matter, or when additional valuable content can be incorporated to enhance our offerings.

Managing Conflicts of Interest


We are committed to transparency in our partnerships and promotions to prevent potential conflicts of interest. By being open and honest about our relationships, we maintain our users’ trust and uphold our reputation for unbiased reporting.

Ethical Standards

Our dedication to ethics and accurate reporting ensures that our content remains unbiased and reliable, even when promotional partnerships are involved. We prioritize our users’ best interests and maintain a strict adherence to ethical guidelines.

User Feedback and Error Reporting

User Input

We value our users’ opinions and encourage feedback on our content. Users can offer feedback or report errors in our reporting through email or the contact form on our website. This input helps us improve our content and address any issues that may arise.

Contact Information

Users can submit suggestions, feedback, or report errors to info@sweepsz.com